Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions

Innovative Strategies

By listening to our clients, we have developed unique strategies and custom reports. We provide our clients with tools and reports that reduce their cost to collect and days of revenue in receivable.

We provide feedback in weekly Swat Team meetings to review findings with hospital and physician staff. We engage the payer to review specific claims and contract terms. This effectively eliminates many redundant issues and payment errors.

We organize meetings with internal staff from all of the departments that impact managed care revenue, including Managed Care Contracting, Billing and Coding, Revenue Integrity, Access and Registration, and Patient Accounting. The team approach has proven to be extremely successful in reducing accounts receivable and cost to collect.

Our custom reports identify many issues, including the following:

  • Patterns in registration leading to billing errors
  • Coding issues
  • Key contractual terms that result in reduced payments
  • Continuous authorization issues for outpatient services
  • Issues relating to specific managed care companies